By the surfers, for the surfers

By now you're asking yourself "What is it all about?" "Why is it here?" "Where are the babes?"


Excitement, adventure.... these things a Jedi knight craves not.

This page is simply about that awesome sport called windsurfing. NO, it is not dying. In fact, it is alive and kicking like a mule. That's what this is all about. To tell you that it is happening. Guys and gals are out there shredding every weekend while your kit (or your brother's kit, or the bloke who lived in that house before you's kit) is in the rafters of your garage gathering dust.

Don't let it happen. You are one of the chosen. That insane glint in your eye, that masochistic streak, so cunningly hidden, are the signs. It won't lie dormant forever.

So welcome to the super-cool, adrenaline-fuelled windsurfing page of those gallant few.

If you already know what it is like to defy friction and gravity and common sense at the mercy of the fickle and quick to anger wind gods then this site should become your home from home. Come here to rest, recharge, smile and get restoked for your next session.

If you are baffled by all this nonsense and think windsurfing was some thing that men in speedos did on dams in the 80s but are still curious, then you are half way to becoming involved in a sport that is one of the most challenging, rewarding, frustrating, addictive you will ever know. Read the links, read the tips, give your feedback.

Join us.

Yes, the site revolves around windsurfing in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. If you're not from here, no problem. You're more than welcome to our website and more than welcome to our beaches and dams.

In fact, half the reason this site is here is to encourage people to visit our fair shores and come and sail with us.

The other half is to encourage the Natal people who live here to get out on the water, NOW!

And the final half is to encourage new people to join our great sport.

Windsurfing - less than the sum of its parts.